Letters from the Heart

by Julie Ng

excerpt from Trek Program Writing Contest submission 2005

Behind every person  is a story
Within every person, a letter from their heart

We, as a global community.
Are all connected by that which we have in common–
We are all human.
Capable of empathy
Yet also capable of apathy.
It is a choice that we make
When deciding the attitude we have towards life:
To embrace the world with its imperfections
And challenge its social stagnation head on
Or continue living in quiet ignorance

Everything we do is an expression
Of something that lies within us.
A profound desire to reach out
And connect to others
On a personal and meaningful level

And when we do take that risk
Perhaps the place you thought you once knew
Is not the same place you once thought it was
And perhaps if you listen to their stories
You will truly know this place.