First and foremost, my deep thanks go to Rex Turgano, who helped me design and build this website. Without his knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm, this website would not exist.

I also want to thank the University of British Columbia for its support in the preparation of this website. In particular, my thanks go to senior staff at the Learning Exchange, the Centre for Community Engaged Learning (formerly the UBC-Community Learning Initiative) and the Office of the University Counsel, who gave their permission for me to use archival documents and photographs.

Most of the archival photographs on the site were taken by Chloe Lewis, a professional photographer who did a wonderful job of portraying the work of the Learning Exchange over the course of several years. I am very grateful that Chloe was willing to let me use her photographs on the site.

I am indebted to the people who were involved in the work of the Learning Exchange who took part in conversations about the evolution of the Learning Exchange and who consented to have excerpts from our conversations reproduced on the website. Their reflections helped shape my thinking and writing. I am grateful to be able to include their voices. In addition, I am delighted that so many former UBC students agreed to let me present the writing they did while participating in the Trek Program. Their willingness to learn continues to inspire me.

Special thanks go to the friends and colleagues who took time to provide feedback about early drafts of the written material on the website as well as the website itself. After working in isolation, it was extremely valuable to get these helpful reality checks.

Thanks, go too, to my friends Jenna Cragg, Les Blydo, and Herbert Rosengarten, who contributed photographs to the site.

I am immeasurably grateful to my dear husband, Richard, for standing beside me through all the ups and downs of my work with the Learning Exchange as well as the process of writing about that work.

I want to thank the people and organizations that were directly involved in the creation and sustenance of the Learning Exchange and the UBC-Community Learning Initiative. Particular thanks go to the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and other donors who supported the work of the Learning Exchange. I also feel profound gratitude for the support given to me and my team by our colleagues at UBC and our collaborators in the community.

My deepest thanks, respect, and affection go to the dozens of people who worked at the Learning Exchange during my time as Director. Despite having written thousands of words about the work we did together, deep down, I still think the whole thing was a miracle and maybe I should not have tried to talk about it at all.